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Monday, February 4, 2013

Short 'Rojak' Post

Hi peeps!  Unexpectedly I'm back to posting within 24 hours.  What to do, I felt like blogging out of sudden so I better strike up while I'm in mood rather than PRO.......... again.  Actually I wanted to post   this earlier but then hehe..procrastinated a little :P  So here you go with some of my lame excuses:
#1 Was too tired on that day itself
#2 Not at mood on that particular day since some bloody issue ruining my day
#3 Went on stalking others blog
#4 Day dreaming
#5 Was not used to the new version of Photobucket's Image Editor, kinda fed up with some features of it too >< especially when it simply rotate my pics!

6 Was watching Ah Boys To Men Part 1 aka 新兵正传  by Jack Neo <<<  gonna write a review after I watch Part 2 ;) stay tune peeps!

Btw, this time I'm just gonna make a short review about the JenxDan Lifestyle @ Chow Tyhe Road, Penang which serves a variety of Asian as well as Western Cuisines.
 Since I've limited pictures of food (too ps to take other's dishes) I'm gonna make this post short without crapping. #laziness

My Pesto Pasta!
instead of ordering creamy sauce I opted for a change this time by having pasta with basil & olive oil sauce
Sry for the poor photo quality but me super likey this veg sushi roll
Imma veg lover :)

Will definitely go back to the vegetarian restaurant again someday!  Glad to say that now I've another place to dine when I wanna have a meat-free meal.

Short enough? ;) Prefer me to make a long-winded post or make it this way?  Leave your comment below.

Night readers!

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