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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Minute Planned Mini Reunion

Hello peeps!  So it's already 农历初八(8th day of CNY in the Lunar Calendar) of the highly anticipated festive season especially for the Chinese Community.  Not to mention, in Malaysia it's like the whole nation is celebrating together as we are so lucky that we always get to share holidays even if its not our festive season! :)  As most people tend to utilize festival seasons to visit their fellow family members, the roads here will be ♫ HERE JAM, THERE JAM, EVERYWHERE JAM JAM..(read it as how ► "Old McDonald's" melody sounds & it rhymes!  Right?  ...crow calls*..lame)

This time I'm just randomly jotting down what I've done on 农历初六 (6th day of CNY in the Lunar Calendar).  Planned, switched date, postponed, cancelled & at last kinda BROUGHT FORWARD  were the process of this time's reunion which we purposely wanted to do during CNY.  Thank God we managed to make it somehow or else I'm gonna be :(  Seriously hate to cancel something when it has already been planned, it's like letting your peaking excitement dropping from sky high.  Honestly, we did nothing special nor exciting(just had lunch @ Swensens, walked around & movie) for this time lor but still glad to spend time with the group.  Picture was taken while we were waiting @ GSC cinema, Gurney Plaza...
So called group picture of the day #GPOTD  < my own abbr. which one fellow  was missing #edited
Since I've nothing much to elaborate, just wanna share briefly with you guys the movie we watched.

The Impossible
This movie has been showcased in Malaysia cinemas for quite some time, no wonder the ticket was the cheapest among all  Personally, I'll rate this movie 4/5 as I like the touching story line after the calamitous catastrophe struck and hit the entire holiday resort to a flatten land.  It was like a miracle for those being able to reconcile with family members after the horrendous tidal waves which struck and turned the holiday into a survival battle.  Not going to review much about this movie, just feel free to watch the trailer for a clearer picture about this true story movie (click to be linked):

sighs*  till now I'm still so prow at procrastinating and never post things on time :P  I planned to publish this post two days ago and then as usual took some time to edit pics(probably just few minutes), chatting, Skype-ing as in video calling, watching video & short clips...etc.
snapshot of  me and my primary classmate's video call
Japan ~ Malaysia
blurry image :( 
owh before I sign off, just wanna share with you guys a video I've viewed after seeing it appearing on my FB news feed

You guys may proceed to this link to view it!  I'm really stunned by the action of this not bias Muslim man who actually sacrifices his time to take care of stray dogs.  His really a Good Samaritan for those stray animals who really deserve my respect!

#zomg Few more days and I'm going to sit for my MUET Speaking Test when I don't even know what should I prepare??   It's time for me to stop right here, see you guys next time!   Bye!

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