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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taiwanese Desserts are my ♥s

Hi there!  phew..what a relieve, finally I'm done with my speaking test for MUET :)  It wasn't really a great start but then eventually turned out better as it went on, overall not too bad I guess.  Whatever it is no point crying over split milk right?  So, it's time to prepare for those upcoming ones which I heard it's gonna be tough.  I don't know why but I felt kinda happy today which is beyond my everyday so-so mood?  Maybe I've already get enough rest since alarm clock was off from duty today & biological clock was taking over the duty. :)  Nothing is like having a good night sleep...

Cutting all those crap at the moment...Now switch your attention to the pictures below:

No joke but my dessert was actually my lunch or I should say brunch of the day...I don't mind replacing desserts as a meal especially when I'm running out of time or when my lazy mode is peaking :P  Not good for  digestive system, so better DON'T DO THAT!  or your face if you become like me need to take gastric medicine ><  Guess I should add another resolution to this year which is to eat on time!

My dessert!  ~ black soya ice+ peanuts+taro Q balls+pearls

 Personally I'm superb in love with desserts especially if it's TAIWANESE or Hongkies and been longing for eversince Adelyne told me about the shop but then no chance to go together with her till I've finally went there yesterday since I'm already on the way back from TARC.  
Review:  * the fragrance of this bowl of mouth watering dessert already made it win half the battle even tough without tasting it *the vibrant colours made it look even more tempting *the pearls are slightly smaller than other Taiwanese dessert stores I've tried but then still CHEWY! *<3 the slightly crunchy yet soft peanuts *taro Q balls is totally the signature of this bowl of delightful dessert *the soya ice with the combination of additional milk made mm...milky which I love the most
Overall rating:  Acceptable sweetness which I'll rate ★★★★★/5,  PERFECT SCORE!(fyi, I hardly give perfect score)

Mango ice+Mango+Baby Pearls+Milk+Vanilla Ice Cream
One thing good about having accompany while eating is get to swap or taste more servings as well as having someone to help you clear up when the portion is too much for your own share.  So, I did tasted hers as well :)  Kinda yummy but sorry lar I'm too **** to review about it..haha..but I can assure is that Mango lovers would like this!
our bill

Snow House 雪花坊
Store location:  No. 10-C, Precinct 10, Jln. Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Tel: 04-8998017

Lastly these are my personal Top 10 dessert stalls I wanna try before the year ends:
1. Blackball 
2. Chatime 
3. Snow House 
4. Snowflake
5. Tong Pak Fu 
6. Fa Guo Shan
7. Gong Cha
8. 0 degrees
9. I Cup X
10. Meet Fresh (the most disappointing one)


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