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Monday, February 4, 2013

Boston 又一城 @ Juru Autocity

Planned to go to Look Yuen Chinese Restaurant aka 乐园饭店 for dinner since we are going over to Juru Autocity last Saturday but then went round and round around the mainland looking for it till I got gastric but then worst of all did not manage to figure out wth the restaurant is situated. ><  

Reasons why we could not find and could not even ask for directions:
1. Don't even remember the name of the restaurant at that time even though been there several times :P
2. Yes we know it's located at the mainland but then could not remember the road name (Bukit Tengah? Bukit Minyak?  BKT.???)
3. Landmark?  We only knew there's an overhead bridge in front of the restaurant ><
& so in order to write this post I made the attempt to use Google Map's Satellite to find out the name as well as the direction to that particular restaurant!  
Ha!  Thanks to the anonymous who has pinned about the restaurant on Google Maps and enabling me to find out the exact location of restaurant I was mentioning :)

Address: Tingkat Kerjasama 4,
             Taman Kerjasama, 
             14000 Bkt. Tengah,
             Bkt. Mertajam, Penang
Contact: 04-5074785 or 012-4708022
Hopefully with this info we won't lost our way again.

picture taken from Autocity's official webpage

Since we were freaking hungry after several attempts of looking for the restaurant, we straightaway headed to Juru Autocity  and had our dinner at Boston Hongkie Kopitiam aka 又一城 .   Now, let the pictures show you what we had on that day:

some sort of cheese toast...
Too hungry to memorise the names :P

Yam Milkshake! :)
the killer which made me felt extra unwell that night
but then still superb <3 for yam flavour

Seafood Cheese Baked Rice #appetite spoiler
biggest disappointment of all.
uncooked rice >< tasteless sh**
Almond with Egg :)
Mmm!  Drink I suggested for mummy but ended up curi minum. Just love the unique combination of the fragrance of the creamy almond.

We've ordered a total of nine dishes but then sorry har a hungry fellow could not manage to snap everything and so that's all for my food post.  Lastly, Tadaa!

My pre-love item :)  I've got it from one of the stall at Autocity's Fashion Market

Bought it because I'm loving the design as well as the humongous design which allows me to store lots of junk in it :P


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