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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yosakoi Parade 2013 @ Esplanade, Penang

Hi peeps!

This time I'm making a short post about the Yosakoi Parade which was held at one of Penang's celebrations hotspot, namely Esplanade.  As usual, after dinner my family and I will definitely find some places to stroll, mostly at shopping malls but this time we went over to Esplanade after we knew that there were some ongoing procession in the city ;)  

I only knew what's Bon Odori and this is actually my first time hearing about Yosakoi, so, what else would I do if not google it to get detail information about the 'Yosakoi' thingy.  What I've found out from the Wikipedia was, 'Yosakoi' is a unique style of dance originated from daah! Japan of course since the name itself already sounded so Japan-ish, and it also means come at night.

Do take a look at the video I've simply made from those videos I've recorded with my smartphone on that night.

For more detail information about this particular cultural celebration, I suggest you to visit Penang Yosakoi Parade 夜來祭 or George Town, Penang Facebook page(a page with updates of  various happenings in Penang).
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