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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Making of 'Crispy ♥ Letters'

嘿哟!大家好, 我又在回到这儿来了!
Hey yo!  Hello everybody, I'm back here again!

Hopefully there's no misused of Chinese characters in my greetings, fyi I sucks at my Mandarin and I know that's really a disgrace to my race when I can cope better with English & Bahasa Melayu but not my own mother tongue.  :P  Should really brush up my primary level Mandarin, but how???  Forget it but thank God I still can speak quite fluent or else worse.

Now back to the main point I'm about to share with you guys!  It's gonna be about the traditional Chinese dainty must have biscuits during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration which is mostly known as 'Kueh Kapek' in Hokkien/'Kuih Kapit'(since it sounded like a fusion of Mandarin & BM, I guess this is how the Baba & Nyonya called it, different spelling but almost the same pronunciation) or also known as Crispy Love Letters (nice name right?!).   This crispy biscuits usually have rough surface as its emblazoned with auspicious words which made every single piece of it to look so delicate.  Things that look and taste good are surely not easy to be prepared as you munch, the process of making this particular biscuits is very laborious and could only be completed in several hours (approximately 4-6 hours depending on the number of helping hands).  No matter what it is this traditional biscuits are definitely still in high demand during this festive season since CNY would not be complete without these essential servings for the family members as well as visitors.  No wonder this biscuits never fail to make its appearance in my house every year when CNY is around the corner.

So now let me show you how the "Kuih Kapek" was prepared:

Setting up the charcoal grill

arghh!  Eggs & castor sugar.  The day I've cracked the most eggs.  Count those egg yolks if you are curious to know about the number of eggs I've cracked.  


Sifu (master) of the day in action!...checking my mixture XD & sieved the mixture after adding in the santan (coconut milk) and rice flour.
oopsy!  obscene picha being snapped candidly :P

My meal during my 偷懒 period :P
Double boiled erm..erm...something 'Coconut...Chicken Soup' ps. I've forgot the exact name >< but its some sort of healthy yet yummieh soup!
Bought from "Yummy Yummy Cafe" for RM8 if I'm not mistaken.
Worth the price & I'm gonna try to cook it next time!

Sorry gonna be slightly out of topic...
random caption of my toe nails art
nice?  I named it 'Art Attack' ;)
whispers* Hints of the psshh...Secret Recipe/recap of the ingredients needed:
1. Rice flour
2. Castor sugar 
3. Tapioca flour
4. Eggs
5. Santan (coconut milk)

Simple right?   Why not try making yourself some with your family members so you could enjoy home made 'Kueh Kapek' as well as spending time meaningfully with your love ones?

sniff*sniff*  Can you smell the aroma of the freshly charcoal fired 'Kapeks'? ;)
Presenting our fruits of labour at the end of the day with just 1kg of rice flour
 (around 10-12 containers which vary in sizes)
With that we ended our day productively and headed to Northern Beach Cafe for our late dinner...or I should say supper.


b@by ph@t said...

whoa! I've never heard of Kuih Kapek before..look kind of delicious..gonna make or buy one packet soon..anyway , loves the nail're so creative! I'm jelous =/

shiningGEMINI said... is! you'll find yourself non-stop munching those crispy biscuits till u actually lost count of how many you've ate. Thanks, I just randomly painted them with my leftover nail polishes! :)


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