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Monday, January 14, 2013

NS gathering ~ BBQ party to celebrate CNY in advance

Welcome back readers!  This time I'm going to post about the National Service's ex-trainees gathering hosted by Ah Kang who came all the way from Kedah.  So, they actually came up with the idea of having a BBQ party along Flamingo Beach on last Saturday (12.01.2013)  Guess what?  The theme of the night was actually CNY lol!  We really celebrated CNY in advance since all of us were required to wear something red.

Now allow the pictures to give you the idea of how we spent the night ;)
food prepared by Marylyn, Ah Kang & Loong

it has been a long time since we last chit chatted for such a long period

Credits to Ah Kang for the high quality picture
lol! felt like this pic looks like we were doing commercial photo shooting for "Jolly Shandy"
 Last but not least, wishing everyone especially those who are celebrating CNY, Happy CNY in advance!

So, here's my favourite group photo of the day!
this time is like 'Mandarin Orange' commercial shooting ><


Nohemi Tutterrow said...

You've had a simple barbecue party, but I can see on the photos how much fun you guys had in this celebration. I love hosting parties, so my friends come to my house often; but they're the ones who prepare the food. Haha! Anyhow, I've been to Malaysia several times now and I’ve tried the street food there. I like them especially the grilled pork jerky.

Rachael said...

Yea it was a simple gathering yet we did enjoy catching up with each other. You have your awesome bunch too! Haha! Where have you visited and how to you find Malaysia? Glad you like the grilled pork jerky! :)


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