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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New Blog

Holla!  So, here's my latest place to blog ;)  Fyi, previously I blogged @ with the many html codes classic template I've modify from others blog skins 

but now I've moved to  which template is just a normal one designed with whatever eblogger's blogger template design and of course adding on a few pictures I've edited ;)

No matter what it is, I'll still blog with the same ideology of mine which is to jot down wonderful moments and valuable experience I've had.  However, I'm planning to bring a personal blog to another level which is instead keeping it as secret blog like a personal diary I'll share it with those people appearing in my blog, fellow acquaintances as well as readers all over the world if I could haha.. 

Before I end my post, I would like to share something I've found interesting after reading Choo Mei Sze's  (if I'm not mistaken she was year 2012 CLEO's cover girl & a PHD student) few days ago.  In her " it for all?" article she has stated that her blog is borne out of passion and see now she's such a successful and capable woman.  She's really the epitome of role model!   By reading the particular post of hers, I've asked myself those questions that she has listed:

1. Money ~ Don't laugh! Honestly, I don't even know that by blogging we could actually earn $ when I've started to blog.  blush*  Only knew that after I've started to visit others blog in year 2012 finding out about Nuffnang, Churp Churp etc.  All I knew about blog when I started was I thought its an extended social networking & sharing platform.  That's all!

2. Glitz & glamour (event invites) ~ Now I felt like a frog under a coconut shell (idk whether this kind of idiom exists in English but hehe...I did a direct translation from BM which sounded 'katak di bawah tempurung')  Get what I mean?  Btw, this is also not the purpose of mine after all, sometimes I'd rather stay home but if I'm given a chance to do so I might just grab or maybe continue being a homely little girl, depending on my mood. :P

3. Fame ~ hmm..wanna be noticed is counted as wanna be famous or not?  Trust me that's not my main reason of blogging but I can't deny that might be a little wannabe in me but just to a certain extend.

4. Freebies ~  Just realized after looking back at my previous blog post, I've already blogged for approximately 2-3 years and as of now I have never participated in any free-giveaways.  So do you think that I blogged for such reasons?

5. Because of everyone else is doing it ~ Fyi, non of my best friends blogged when I've started.  However I did persuade them to do so I can link to them but I guess some were just too lazy to do so, some did halfway in the end I'm the only one standing. 

I'm done with the effort of trying to justify myself, so it's up to you guys you say whatever you guys want to as I have no right to stop you from thinking in anyway.  Just piece of advice, never judge a person before you get to know them!  

That's all for this post, thanks for reading!  I apologize sincerelyin advance if I've ever offended you in anyway.  Your welcome to leave me a comment of your thoughts below or tag me at my chat box if you like to :)

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