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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Verdict on Skincare Products

'Annyeonghaseyo'!  Let me tell you a joke I've heard from my bff aka Janice about this Korean greeting!  The story actually began when she went on holidays with her family and friends in Myammar and they were mistaken to be Korean troupe while walking along the street.  So, those friendly citizens of Myammar greeted them 'annyeonghaseyo' and guess what they've replied?  'ah nia ho seh bo?!' they replied cheekily in Hokkien which actually sounded similar to that particular greeting.   I hope you guys are able to enjoy this joke as I did.

Now back to business haha...i mean blog posting.  Just going to share a few skincare products which I can't leave without with you guys.

1. Nose pore strip or aka blackheads/whiteheads remover
                     Product A~Silky and clear                    

What do I like about this product?
-The ability of it to remove 80% my white heads
- Reasonable pricing

I know this looks gross but then that's how effective the nose pore thingy is!

Price: RM 8.80 after discount, normal price not over RM10.00


Product B ~ Etude House 

What do I like about this product?
- The fruity scent!
- The impressive packing

What I dislike?
- Troublesome
- Not as effective as it is described on the packing
- Pricey!

Price: RM 6.90 after discount

Personally, I highly recommend you guys Product A!

2. Makeup Remover
Product A ~ Clinelle

What I like about this product?
- Non-Comedogenic
- No artificial fragrance
- Alcohol free

What I dislike?
- Not so effective in removing water-proof makeup products especially mascara

Price:  IDK!  I got it for FREE :)


Product B ~ Biore

What do I like about this product?
- the scent
- the packing
- the effectiveness in wiping off makeups even waterproof ones

Price:  more or less RM6.00


TADAA!  After a few swipes.

Personally, I recommend Product B even though I might not opt for this one the next time because I'm planning to get the bottled version as it is more economical.

Wonder if you guys realise, these days the weather are kinda upside-down and extreme lately?  So, people who are in the cold countries please take care and wear more clothing as for those who are living in places which weather is super hot like I am, make H20 your best friend.  Would like to hear from you guys about any good deals! 

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