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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mini Memorable Farewell Party

The saying 'rumour spreads like wildfire' is really very true and so now its like the whole class or even school already knew that Jocelyn and I are bidding goodbyes to MBS as well as a Form 6 student.  Actually I was planning to just leave the school without letting anyone know till the very last day of me staying there but then I just can't do that, felt like its so mean to leave without any notice especially to close friends.  sighs*  an unexpected decision I've made...(:)

Back to the main point of today's posting.  Guess most of the Penangites already found out the new lifestyle strip mall aka All Seasons Place in Air Itam area which is just along Lebuhraya Thean Teik.  Since it's a new hangout place, we spent our evening there and also went to dine at the new chain of James Foo's Western Food out for our farewell party.  While waiting for all the VIPs to arrive and also our food to be served, hehe...other than snapping photos, I guess there was nothing better to be done at that time :P
featuring the early birds :)

Jocelyn & Me  <3
 After finishing the portion of serving we've ordered each most of us were kinda full but then still have space for desserts! :P  #girlsbeinggirls So we went on to Tong Pak Fu ^_^
Chocolate Fondue! 

idk  what are the names for all this cuz I'm not the one who ordered yet the one who ate happily :P
 From this point, allow the pictures to do the story telling...
bunny ears! :P

Girls only <3

Believe or not I'm quite shy to express my gratitude sometimes, :P  so allow me to express it here.  Organizers Hooi Shan & Xin Hui thank you very much for making this happen.

Dennis Ewe thanks for being kinda on time & really sorry to know that you actually 'peng motor' while you were on your way here, hope your wound will have a speedy recovery and of course please do ride your super bike safely next time.  Wei Chyn kinda busy and skipped tuition but still attended, Sampson Chew rushing over after photo shooting, we were touched because we didn't expect him to turn up, thanks Model!  Robin though we are not classmates but still you were willing to come along with Samp & last but not least Janice Loh rushing over after tuition and got caught in the jam just to join us, <3 ILY bestie!

Since you've read my lengthy post till here, bear with me a little while more, wanna show off a bit the gift I've got from MBS board of COOP, jk

the outlook of the gift :)

this is how it looks like inside
Finally I'm done with this posting, stay tune for more upcoming posts. :)  Thanks for sparing your precious time to read it and I hope with the amount of illustrations I've inserted it won't bore you guys out.

Bye bye!

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