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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flashbacks of 2012, resolutions of 2013

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Happy New Year people!  (guess I should say that 8 days ago but..hehe..btw, it's still early of the month & year)  So, the world didn't end as predicted/ according to rumours ^_^  LOL!  Doomsday?  Forget it since now we have marched into a brand new year.  In case those of you who are still unsure what year are we in, fyi this is already year 2013 (so when you are about to write dates on your paper work or anything else, rmb to write 2013 but not 2012! :P)

Since I'm blessed enough to step into the brand new year, it's time for me to set some new resolutions for the sake of my concealed future.  Before that, I would like to do a sum up of all those happenings in year 2012.  Satisfactory achievements in year 2012:


On the very first day of year 2012, I entered the National Service(NS) aka PLKN in Malaysia.  Imagine that!  Leaving home early in the morning on a New Year Day to a jungle to serve as a randomly selected NS trainee.  Wondering how would it be like? ;)  Feel free to read my previous blog posts ("Adapting to my new life in National Service/PLKN" & "Hip Happenings during my indifferent holidays at KEM PLKN SRI KANDI, KUALA MUDA, KEDAH")which I've jotted down in order for me to reminisce the days I was in NS.  The 77/78 days for me was really very meaningful and there was many things I've encountered for the first time while undergoing the so called military training.  
Went on live radio interview with KEDAH FM's DJ Faizal was one of it ;)

2.  Obtained kinda satisfying SPM results, though it was not really the best that I can give but still I'm happy with it & will surely put in more effort in future examinations.  Hopefully, I can achieve what I desire and entitle to ;) 

3. Being the one among five Sri Mutiarans who were sent to Methodist Boys School to continue my pre-U studies.  I was quite worried while waiting for the enrolment list, thinking what if I'm send to Abdullah Munshi which I just don't felt like laying a footstep in that school???  Lucky thing I'm enlisted into MBS!  phew... What a relieve after I've discovered that on the net. I've also expressed how happy I was to be given such privilege to be in the place I wanted to be in a previous blog post and I think on my FB.

4. This one not really something to be proud of but still I'm jotting down.  

Makeover for "Malam Jalinan Kasih"
if I'm not mistaken, 2-3 ppl helped me out with this look
Started mastering a little make up skill ( Honestly, I don't really know much but at least I know the basic ones, better than knowing nuts :P). Those who know me in person should know I'm a person who doesn't make up even though I attend officials due to laziness and constantly giving excuses :P  Why did I learned to groom out of the blue?  The main reason is of course 爱美啦 #girlsbeinggirls & finally I've find it so troublesome to depend on people so I rather learn by myself.  After all I don't expect myself to keep on asking people to do my make up for me as a routine right, though that kind of situation was constantly happening when I made preparation for performances in NS :P

5. Oh ya!  License!  fyi, I'm now a 'P' driver :)  At last I've surpassed the torturing of learning how to drive.  However, I'm actually not as happy as I thought I would be after obtaining my license, it's like...normal? whatever at least I know how to drive.

6. Overcoming a fear[not gonna reveal what is it but it's definitely a good news for myself] of mine which I was constantly worried of ^_^ 

Guess that's all for my past year achievements.  So few! :(  Need to work harder to achieve more this year!

So now's the main point!  A teaser of what I'm aiming for to be added into my this year's achievements ;)

 Excel in my studies is of course the main thing of the year & guess that's gonna be a long term resolution!  As people says “活到老,学到老”

* Get back in shape >< 
In my face for being a couch potato, now expanding horizontally T.T  How good if I can still stretch vertically but sadly guess that's no longer happening.

* Improve my make up skill.  

Gonna be 19 years old by June this year and yet still don't know how to use a liquid liner :P  shame on me!  By hook or by crook I'm going to master how to line my eyes with that thingy!

* Be more active in everything especially sports! :P  idk how this thingy gonna turn out like?   owh!  I just miss playing BADMINTON!

* Travel domestically as well as visit at least one foreign country.  No idea how long will travelling abroad again continue to remain as a dream? [for exp: when I wanted to go to Hatyai/Bangkok, Thailand all sorts of social issues will arise bla bla...bombing and all sorts of nonsense...Y can't this world just remain PEACE?]  

* Japanese, Western, Chinese of course, Indian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian...I've tried before it seems I haven't tasted any KOREAN FOOD!  Foodie gonna go for it, who's with me I wonder?  Guess not many among my close ones crave for it...

* Improve my languages & dialects! [Mandarin, Malay, English...]

* Get myself employ for part-time job 

* Finally, I've realised that the more we read, the more we'll be inspired.  So, I'm going to spend at least a day to explore the Library! hehe...of course the more the better.

* Update my blog more frequent

That's all I can think of right now but I know I'll surely have countless stuffs that I want to achieve...
Oh crap!  I've listed quite a number, hopefully by not procrastinating and staying accountable I could achieve what I desire as planned. ;)

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