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Friday, January 18, 2013

Days Out

So here I am! ^_^

It has been the forth day of me having such a weird routine(updating blogs, catching up with and easy routine on school days?) while others who are about my age are probably schooling or studying in college.  

"my dreams have not been forgone but just postponed & I'll never give up"

Going to post about how I've spent my day yesterday and today with my BFF. ;)

16th Jan, Wednesday
 Planned to exercise (play badminton/go for a jog) early in the morning but then both of us were depending on each other to give morning calls but ended up slept soundly till the sun rose :P #epic fail  Ended up meeting around nine something and then had our all time favourite 'Nasi Lemak' which we used to take away and eat during recess times of our wonderful schooldays.  
hiding my results :P

Made the attempt to go back to our ex-school to collect our SPM and LCCI certificates.  Time flies!  Chatted for hours with those teachers who have thought us previously made me realised that how much our school has changed ever since we graduated from there two years ago.  

Ran a few errands before stopping by for lunch at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks at All Seasons Place.

My lunch of the day :)
'Oyster Mee Suah(vermicelli)'
<3 the unique combination
with Adelyne :)
ignore the imperfections of my complexion  ><
17th Jan, Thursday
 Finally, I have someone to accompany me to explore the Penang state library, wanted to go there long time ago but then never make the attempt to visit till I actually drove there today.  Plain boring atmosphere I would say since I just went there to browse through roughly instead of doing detail research.  Still prefer trolling for information on the net in the comfort my home.  We did not stay there for long since there was nothing much that interest us.  So, we went to All Seasons Place again for lunch or I should say brunch since I forget to take my lunch and was damn hungry at that time. 

As usual, I'm a person who loves to test market and explore new things, so I've decided to dine at who's Bryan cafe this time since they offered high-tea in their impressively prepared menu.  Pictures below are those they have on their high-tea set:

Hot Chocolate with biscuit
 My stomach was growling at that time and those people took more than 10 minutes to serve this simple beverage to me >< inefficient service even though not many customers were there.  First sip was Mmm...<3 the chocolaty taste as well as the crispy biscuit :) 

variety of spreads (whipped cream, basil & tomatoes, strawberry jam & mushrooms) to be eaten with

The strawberry jam tasted the yummiest among all those.  Personally, I do like the fattening whipped cream :P 
biscuits, sandwiches, scone & croissant
Nothing special here but still eatable if you do it grudgingly just not to waste what has been ordered.  The tiny Croissant tasted not too bad.
a slice of  Red Velvet
Well garnished slice of cake but then very sorry but I have to be frank that the cake was not nice at all.  Totally the opposed its look and was way too sweet for me to put in my mouth.

The price for the 1 person high-tea set = RM21 & RM 38 for 2 person if I didn't see it wrongly.  As for ours, we opted for the one person set as we were afraid that we could not finish.

Cheese Baked Chicken Spaghetti 
Our add on order that was written as a must-try dish on the menu but then after tasting it, we felt that the taste was just so-so and not worth the price.  Don't you think limited minced chicken and some vegetables for RM 18.90 excluding tax is kinda pricey?  

Last but not least, a not so fashionable but comfortable yet economical OOTD of the blogger ;)
RM200 < OOTD
pure white outer ~ VJ jeans
striped tank top ~ Seed
skinny jeans ~ Bum City @ Genting
bag ~ random bag shop from Ipoh
shoes ~ Walk-In
my faithful yet FOC watch ~ Polo Club
I hope the quality of this photo is acceptable since I just captured it by myself with my Samsung Galaxy S Advance's camera.  Wondering how did I snapped this by myself?  hehe...i'm not revealing it at the moment :P  fyi, this is just my first time doing OOTD, I'm serious! ><

Alright at the moment my journey will pause here till the my next post.  Thanks for reading! ^_^

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