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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Verdict on Skincare Products

'Annyeonghaseyo'!  Let me tell you a joke I've heard from my bff aka Janice about this Korean greeting!  The story actually began when she went on holidays with her family and friends in Myammar and they were mistaken to be Korean troupe while walking along the street.  So, those friendly citizens of Myammar greeted them 'annyeonghaseyo' and guess what they've replied?  'ah nia ho seh bo?!' they replied cheekily in Hokkien which actually sounded similar to that particular greeting.   I hope you guys are able to enjoy this joke as I did.

Now back to business haha...i mean blog posting.  Just going to share a few skincare products which I can't leave without with you guys.

1. Nose pore strip or aka blackheads/whiteheads remover
                     Product A~Silky and clear                    

What do I like about this product?
-The ability of it to remove 80% my white heads
- Reasonable pricing

I know this looks gross but then that's how effective the nose pore thingy is!

Price: RM 8.80 after discount, normal price not over RM10.00


Product B ~ Etude House 

What do I like about this product?
- The fruity scent!
- The impressive packing

What I dislike?
- Troublesome
- Not as effective as it is described on the packing
- Pricey!

Price: RM 6.90 after discount

Personally, I highly recommend you guys Product A!

2. Makeup Remover
Product A ~ Clinelle

What I like about this product?
- Non-Comedogenic
- No artificial fragrance
- Alcohol free

What I dislike?
- Not so effective in removing water-proof makeup products especially mascara

Price:  IDK!  I got it for FREE :)


Product B ~ Biore

What do I like about this product?
- the scent
- the packing
- the effectiveness in wiping off makeups even waterproof ones

Price:  more or less RM6.00


TADAA!  After a few swipes.

Personally, I recommend Product B even though I might not opt for this one the next time because I'm planning to get the bottled version as it is more economical.

Wonder if you guys realise, these days the weather are kinda upside-down and extreme lately?  So, people who are in the cold countries please take care and wear more clothing as for those who are living in places which weather is super hot like I am, make H20 your best friend.  Would like to hear from you guys about any good deals! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Making of 'Crispy ♥ Letters'

嘿哟!大家好, 我又在回到这儿来了!
Hey yo!  Hello everybody, I'm back here again!

Hopefully there's no misused of Chinese characters in my greetings, fyi I sucks at my Mandarin and I know that's really a disgrace to my race when I can cope better with English & Bahasa Melayu but not my own mother tongue.  :P  Should really brush up my primary level Mandarin, but how???  Forget it but thank God I still can speak quite fluent or else worse.

Now back to the main point I'm about to share with you guys!  It's gonna be about the traditional Chinese dainty must have biscuits during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration which is mostly known as 'Kueh Kapek' in Hokkien/'Kuih Kapit'(since it sounded like a fusion of Mandarin & BM, I guess this is how the Baba & Nyonya called it, different spelling but almost the same pronunciation) or also known as Crispy Love Letters (nice name right?!).   This crispy biscuits usually have rough surface as its emblazoned with auspicious words which made every single piece of it to look so delicate.  Things that look and taste good are surely not easy to be prepared as you munch, the process of making this particular biscuits is very laborious and could only be completed in several hours (approximately 4-6 hours depending on the number of helping hands).  No matter what it is this traditional biscuits are definitely still in high demand during this festive season since CNY would not be complete without these essential servings for the family members as well as visitors.  No wonder this biscuits never fail to make its appearance in my house every year when CNY is around the corner.

So now let me show you how the "Kuih Kapek" was prepared:

Setting up the charcoal grill

arghh!  Eggs & castor sugar.  The day I've cracked the most eggs.  Count those egg yolks if you are curious to know about the number of eggs I've cracked.  


Sifu (master) of the day in action!...checking my mixture XD & sieved the mixture after adding in the santan (coconut milk) and rice flour.
oopsy!  obscene picha being snapped candidly :P

My meal during my 偷懒 period :P
Double boiled erm..erm...something 'Coconut...Chicken Soup' ps. I've forgot the exact name >< but its some sort of healthy yet yummieh soup!
Bought from "Yummy Yummy Cafe" for RM8 if I'm not mistaken.
Worth the price & I'm gonna try to cook it next time!

Sorry gonna be slightly out of topic...
random caption of my toe nails art
nice?  I named it 'Art Attack' ;)
whispers* Hints of the psshh...Secret Recipe/recap of the ingredients needed:
1. Rice flour
2. Castor sugar 
3. Tapioca flour
4. Eggs
5. Santan (coconut milk)

Simple right?   Why not try making yourself some with your family members so you could enjoy home made 'Kueh Kapek' as well as spending time meaningfully with your love ones?

sniff*sniff*  Can you smell the aroma of the freshly charcoal fired 'Kapeks'? ;)
Presenting our fruits of labour at the end of the day with just 1kg of rice flour
 (around 10-12 containers which vary in sizes)
With that we ended our day productively and headed to Northern Beach Cafe for our late dinner...or I should say supper.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Responsible Blogging 2013 Campaign

Howdy readers!  Speaking frankly, although I love to work on my blog I still enjoy reading others blog during my leisure time, especially those fashion and make up blogs, sometimes food and travel blogs too(will blog about my favourite blogs someday)!  So, no matter you are just a random social blog stalker reader or blogger, I gently request you to stay with me till I'm done sharing about this particular campaign especially if you are the latter.  Thanks in advance for your kindness. :)

Wondering what's all about the Responsible Blogging Campaign?

'Picture speaks a thousand words most of the time'. So, here you go!  A banner I've found on the net after making some effort to search.

Btw, I presumed that most of you are able to quick guess about what's going on since there's a key word in the title itself ;)   Got it?  The word I'm talking about is actually RESPONSIBLE!  To be precised, being responsible is actually having an obligation to do something.   Based on the aforementioned statement, this main objective of this campaign is to usher the entire netizen in Malaysia to rally for as well as showing support for an ethical climate in the blogosphere for our mutual benefit.   

Below are some sponsors and partners collaborating in order to be a part of the Responsible Blogging 2013 campaign:

applause*  Crowdpot is one of the main sponsor for this particular campaign which is a new platform for brands and business to engage with fellow bloggers and online community with their unique thumb-tipping mechanism.

Aren't they cool gadgets?  Good news!  You stand a chance to win those high-tech prizes! (No joke people!  Not only you readers, I do also stand a chance to win those cool gadgets #keepingmyfingerscross..haha..)  Before you are entitle to win any of those, there are a few things you have to take note.  For further information, do spend some time visiting Ninetology Malaysia's Facebook Page and read through all those T&C of the ongoing contest.  Not to mention, Ninetology is also in partnership and working hand-in-hand with Crowpot to garner pledges as could be seen playing their role Wall of Pledge to support the campaign.  

Out of the nine pillars, I aim to work on one pillar on the right hand side ASAP.  Can you guess which one I am up to? ;) Hint: It's a countermeasure for 'do you know that you are answerable for your blog?'.

Fyi, study has proven that blogs are somehow influential. (I'm like...oh really?  and then after I've read it on the net but then that's the fact.  Seeing how those successful full time bloggers like ChuckeiXia Xue, Cheesie etc. making blogging into a career, those capable people really have their own admirable quality and definitely inspiring.)  Want proof(just click & you'll be linked to)?  So, remember to think twice before you make any postings!

Action speaks louder than words peeps!  So, what are you waiting for?  Join the campaign and let's shape a sustainable future together but don't forget to......allow the picture below to complete my sentence:

and then

I've already put up my pledge banner on the left sidebar below contacts but I'm not sure why it doesn't appear???  arghh!  Hopefully it'll appear...
this is exactly how the banner suppose to appear on my blog, but then?

zZZ..Bye for now, stay tune till my next update.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yosakoi Parade 2013 @ Esplanade, Penang

Hi peeps!

This time I'm making a short post about the Yosakoi Parade which was held at one of Penang's celebrations hotspot, namely Esplanade.  As usual, after dinner my family and I will definitely find some places to stroll, mostly at shopping malls but this time we went over to Esplanade after we knew that there were some ongoing procession in the city ;)  

I only knew what's Bon Odori and this is actually my first time hearing about Yosakoi, so, what else would I do if not google it to get detail information about the 'Yosakoi' thingy.  What I've found out from the Wikipedia was, 'Yosakoi' is a unique style of dance originated from daah! Japan of course since the name itself already sounded so Japan-ish, and it also means come at night.

Do take a look at the video I've simply made from those videos I've recorded with my smartphone on that night.

For more detail information about this particular cultural celebration, I suggest you to visit Penang Yosakoi Parade 夜來祭 or George Town, Penang Facebook page(a page with updates of  various happenings in Penang).
Here's the POTD
to end this post
<3 that's my Mummy


Friday, January 18, 2013

NIVEA Pure & Natural Cover Photo Contest

Here's my latest Facebook cover photo which I've customized by using the NIVEA Pure & Natural Cover Photo Maker app.  Felt so close to nature after switching to this picture.  Don't you think the vibrant colours of the pastoral view of nature just lighted up my profile instantly?  

Btw, any of you out there sourcing for natural ingredients skin care products which could be easily purchased (drugstores like Watson/Guardian) on an affordable budget?  Then do not forget to browse through Nivea products which will stand you a chance to win some great deals as well as following the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton in leading a radiance-enhancing skin.
Nivea's Visage Pure and Natural Moisturising Day Cream
So, what are you waiting for peeps?  Hurry up and participate in order to win yourself some exclusive prizes before the closing date of the contest which is 28th February 2013!

In order to take part, simply follow the guidelines below:

Firstly, you are require to click the LIKE (y)  button on the NIVEA Malaysia's page.  Once you have liked the page, you may proceed to customize your cover photo by hovering your mouse over the design page and click on the design that you desire. 

Allow the pictures below to provide you guys a clearer picture of what I'm talking about:

click on the JOIN NOW button



Reminder:  Don't forget to click on the SUBMIT button after you are satisfy with your design or else all your efforts will be wasted and you will have to start from the scratch like what I've did:P ~ forgetful me ><

submitted!  spot me? ;)
Share it on your social networks and spread the news of your participation to gain more votes.  Good Luck! 

that's how the voting page looks like.
Kindly vote for my creation if you think it's worthy and I shall say thank you for your generous helping in advance.  Fyi, this is my first time taking part in things like that.  Thanks to Erica for posting about this contests on her blog which I've reached coincidently while I randomly blog walked. :)

Days Out

So here I am! ^_^

It has been the forth day of me having such a weird routine(updating blogs, catching up with and easy routine on school days?) while others who are about my age are probably schooling or studying in college.  

"my dreams have not been forgone but just postponed & I'll never give up"

Going to post about how I've spent my day yesterday and today with my BFF. ;)

16th Jan, Wednesday
 Planned to exercise (play badminton/go for a jog) early in the morning but then both of us were depending on each other to give morning calls but ended up slept soundly till the sun rose :P #epic fail  Ended up meeting around nine something and then had our all time favourite 'Nasi Lemak' which we used to take away and eat during recess times of our wonderful schooldays.  
hiding my results :P

Made the attempt to go back to our ex-school to collect our SPM and LCCI certificates.  Time flies!  Chatted for hours with those teachers who have thought us previously made me realised that how much our school has changed ever since we graduated from there two years ago.  

Ran a few errands before stopping by for lunch at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks at All Seasons Place.

My lunch of the day :)
'Oyster Mee Suah(vermicelli)'
<3 the unique combination
with Adelyne :)
ignore the imperfections of my complexion  ><
17th Jan, Thursday
 Finally, I have someone to accompany me to explore the Penang state library, wanted to go there long time ago but then never make the attempt to visit till I actually drove there today.  Plain boring atmosphere I would say since I just went there to browse through roughly instead of doing detail research.  Still prefer trolling for information on the net in the comfort my home.  We did not stay there for long since there was nothing much that interest us.  So, we went to All Seasons Place again for lunch or I should say brunch since I forget to take my lunch and was damn hungry at that time. 

As usual, I'm a person who loves to test market and explore new things, so I've decided to dine at who's Bryan cafe this time since they offered high-tea in their impressively prepared menu.  Pictures below are those they have on their high-tea set:

Hot Chocolate with biscuit
 My stomach was growling at that time and those people took more than 10 minutes to serve this simple beverage to me >< inefficient service even though not many customers were there.  First sip was Mmm...<3 the chocolaty taste as well as the crispy biscuit :) 

variety of spreads (whipped cream, basil & tomatoes, strawberry jam & mushrooms) to be eaten with

The strawberry jam tasted the yummiest among all those.  Personally, I do like the fattening whipped cream :P 
biscuits, sandwiches, scone & croissant
Nothing special here but still eatable if you do it grudgingly just not to waste what has been ordered.  The tiny Croissant tasted not too bad.
a slice of  Red Velvet
Well garnished slice of cake but then very sorry but I have to be frank that the cake was not nice at all.  Totally the opposed its look and was way too sweet for me to put in my mouth.

The price for the 1 person high-tea set = RM21 & RM 38 for 2 person if I didn't see it wrongly.  As for ours, we opted for the one person set as we were afraid that we could not finish.

Cheese Baked Chicken Spaghetti 
Our add on order that was written as a must-try dish on the menu but then after tasting it, we felt that the taste was just so-so and not worth the price.  Don't you think limited minced chicken and some vegetables for RM 18.90 excluding tax is kinda pricey?  

Last but not least, a not so fashionable but comfortable yet economical OOTD of the blogger ;)
RM200 < OOTD
pure white outer ~ VJ jeans
striped tank top ~ Seed
skinny jeans ~ Bum City @ Genting
bag ~ random bag shop from Ipoh
shoes ~ Walk-In
my faithful yet FOC watch ~ Polo Club
I hope the quality of this photo is acceptable since I just captured it by myself with my Samsung Galaxy S Advance's camera.  Wondering how did I snapped this by myself?  hehe...i'm not revealing it at the moment :P  fyi, this is just my first time doing OOTD, I'm serious! ><

Alright at the moment my journey will pause here till the my next post.  Thanks for reading! ^_^

Monday, January 14, 2013

NS gathering ~ BBQ party to celebrate CNY in advance

Welcome back readers!  This time I'm going to post about the National Service's ex-trainees gathering hosted by Ah Kang who came all the way from Kedah.  So, they actually came up with the idea of having a BBQ party along Flamingo Beach on last Saturday (12.01.2013)  Guess what?  The theme of the night was actually CNY lol!  We really celebrated CNY in advance since all of us were required to wear something red.

Now allow the pictures to give you the idea of how we spent the night ;)
food prepared by Marylyn, Ah Kang & Loong

it has been a long time since we last chit chatted for such a long period

Credits to Ah Kang for the high quality picture
lol! felt like this pic looks like we were doing commercial photo shooting for "Jolly Shandy"
 Last but not least, wishing everyone especially those who are celebrating CNY, Happy CNY in advance!

So, here's my favourite group photo of the day!
this time is like 'Mandarin Orange' commercial shooting ><

Mini Memorable Farewell Party

The saying 'rumour spreads like wildfire' is really very true and so now its like the whole class or even school already knew that Jocelyn and I are bidding goodbyes to MBS as well as a Form 6 student.  Actually I was planning to just leave the school without letting anyone know till the very last day of me staying there but then I just can't do that, felt like its so mean to leave without any notice especially to close friends.  sighs*  an unexpected decision I've made...(:)

Back to the main point of today's posting.  Guess most of the Penangites already found out the new lifestyle strip mall aka All Seasons Place in Air Itam area which is just along Lebuhraya Thean Teik.  Since it's a new hangout place, we spent our evening there and also went to dine at the new chain of James Foo's Western Food out for our farewell party.  While waiting for all the VIPs to arrive and also our food to be served, hehe...other than snapping photos, I guess there was nothing better to be done at that time :P
featuring the early birds :)

Jocelyn & Me  <3
 After finishing the portion of serving we've ordered each most of us were kinda full but then still have space for desserts! :P  #girlsbeinggirls So we went on to Tong Pak Fu ^_^
Chocolate Fondue! 

idk  what are the names for all this cuz I'm not the one who ordered yet the one who ate happily :P
 From this point, allow the pictures to do the story telling...
bunny ears! :P

Girls only <3

Believe or not I'm quite shy to express my gratitude sometimes, :P  so allow me to express it here.  Organizers Hooi Shan & Xin Hui thank you very much for making this happen.

Dennis Ewe thanks for being kinda on time & really sorry to know that you actually 'peng motor' while you were on your way here, hope your wound will have a speedy recovery and of course please do ride your super bike safely next time.  Wei Chyn kinda busy and skipped tuition but still attended, Sampson Chew rushing over after photo shooting, we were touched because we didn't expect him to turn up, thanks Model!  Robin though we are not classmates but still you were willing to come along with Samp & last but not least Janice Loh rushing over after tuition and got caught in the jam just to join us, <3 ILY bestie!

Since you've read my lengthy post till here, bear with me a little while more, wanna show off a bit the gift I've got from MBS board of COOP, jk

the outlook of the gift :)

this is how it looks like inside
Finally I'm done with this posting, stay tune for more upcoming posts. :)  Thanks for sparing your precious time to read it and I hope with the amount of illustrations I've inserted it won't bore you guys out.

Bye bye!


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