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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Back from a Blog Vacay - Hello 2018!

Hello, 2018! ✋
MIA-ed for half a year from this space, nope, I didn't quit, just that I was thriving in reality.

Just two weeks after my Degree finals, moved on into a new phase of my life (not married lar), managed to find my way into the much anticipated working world.

Just in case you are a long lost friend, who wondered what on earth I am/was doing:


  • Finals (as usual trying to ace the entire sem in probably a week)
  • Job hunting
  • Phone interviews > face to face interviews > decision making
  • Started my first graduate job as a BDE (guess yourself what scope is it :P)

  • A personal car had to be bought earlier (in October), dear old car drown in the Penang flash flood (having bronchitis or ashma.could not be a heavy duty pal anymore...)

(cuz I have forgotten what I was doing nor have done anything spectacular in that month)

Suddenly recalled, I've graduated from Degree in 25th November 2017.
Can't blame me, two months in the working life then only get back to graduate...
Anticipation level = 0.01
Anyways sincerely thanks to FAMA for supporting my education for 10+ donkey years from Kindergarten > Degree
Family shot with one of my fav. lecturer aka Ms. Mary

Some of Infinity Dodgeball teammates from WOU, managed to drag all of them to take this group picture during Graduation Dinner @ Hardwicked Restaurant.  Great job juniors for putting this simple party together!


  • Eastin Christmas Buffet
  • Gathering with IETA 难兄难弟 @ KO.B.Q Elite Avenue
Glad that all of us are out from the hell workplace, where exploitation of interns is being done aggressively.
  • Went to JB for +Eileen Pang bae's niece's - Baby Eloise 1st Birthday @ Niniq Javanese, JB
 Beauty & the Beast themed birthday bash for the lil Princess
 Yes after years of promising to visit, finally raided bae's house in her hometown - Johor
 Thanks bae's bro - Joseph for the hospitality & non-stop feeding us with great noms
Also met up with his ex uni mates.  Had Korean BBQ for lunch.

  • Christmas Surprise/Prank from him @ Beach Blanket Babylon 
Me: Where are we heading for dinner?
Ivanbb: Somewhere we can bring Ching Ching (his 11 years old toy poodle along).
Me: Oh whereto leh?
Ivanbb: Hawker places lo.  Just wear cincai will do.
Me: (afraid of being overdressed or uncomfortably dressed) Cincai pull out a white blouse bought from the flea and shorts.
In the car
Me: Why are you dressed in long pants & such nice shirt?  Not hot meh? Eh Ching Ching leh?
Ivanbb: Oh cuz I am lazy to change...ok la...I'm not as hot as you.  Decided not to bring her out cuz lazy to go back to get her (still remain unsuspicious).
Turns on his Waze
Me: Where are we going?  Tell me la, I can direct you.
Ivanbb: I don't want to let you know where we are going but I am not sure of that place...but I've reserved a table for two already.
Me: ???? Reserve what?  Need to formal one meh? You don't tell me you book a restaurant or fine dining...I'm dressed in my market attire nia leh (panicked...can I go back & change?? u seriously....continued questioning....)
Ivanbb: Too late to go back, just sit still.
20 minutes later
Ivanbb: Ok reach d
Me: 32 Mansion? WTH...We are eating here?  I can go in meh?  So underdressed wor...
Ivanbb: No dream on...but anyways we are at the right place...
Me: ??
Ivanbb: We are having sunset dinner at Beach Blanket look ok la...we are sitting outdoor only.
Me: So atas place and I am dressed like I am going to coffee shop *facepalm* Whatever please la don't do this to me next time.  All the ladies around me are at least in dress & nice sandals while I am wearing Flip Flops...
Christmas Dinner 2017 with love

Appreciate what you have done but please give me heads up to dress appropriately, please...I beg you.  It was a hugely successful surprise but tbh...I simtia for your pocket...with the amount of $ I can totally make a meal with ingredients like scallops, huge ass prawns, salmon, codfish, caviar kind of dinner for us.  Let's do it this year, shall we +Ivan Tan ?
  • Spent a year working as a mascot lead in Ipoh lol 30th Dec 17- 1st Jan 18
+Ivan Tan & Yours Truly...guess which mascot am I?  I was supposed to be leading the mascots but ended up tempted to try being in it once cuz #yolo.  The fact is...Aeon Ipoh was too generous with their air-cond, so I decided that the best place to keep my body warm is in the mascot lolol.

Managed to bring the guys to some of my frequent fav spots in Ipoh before coming back home.


  • First ever company training trip in KL and extended to a weekend shopping and cafe hunt trip in KL with the girls.

  • Vietnam trip


  • Made Pineapple Balls for CNY gifting..should have made 12 pineapples instead of 6 lol...
  • Partially being in charge of CNY reunion dinner with dad.
Made Pork Tribe Soup, Loh Bak & Baby Abalone Bok Choy with Erygi Mushroom Scallop

  • During CNY, gambled consecutively from Chor 1 till Chor 3 
Just in case I have to end up eating curry rice, we shall be in it together! 😋
  • Suprise birthday for both of my Aquarius men aka morning belonged to daddy & evening belonged to Ivanbb
Daddy's Casual Birthday Lunch with the family @ Passions of Kerala since dad loves curry
1st time buying this big boy a cake after 3 years of dating lol, while he pampers me practically every single year.  Thanks to bro Robin for the trouble to keep the cake hidden from Spades Burger until the end of the day. Guess that explains why I was single for 21 years.  Thanks baobei...I promise this will be the beginning of more meaningful birthday celebrations for you kay!

  • Gathering with some of my closest friends
CNY Eve - Fireworks Watching @ Kek Lok Si
 till CNY Day 1
Wawasan Open University (WOU) Gang
CNY Day 7
Catherine's Birthday @ Patio Bar Tapas
 CNY Day 9
Mainly for National Service Kuala Muda Camp Series 9/2012 Bffs
 It has been six good years and glad that we are still keeping in touch.

CNY Grand Finale - 放孔明灯 @ Paradise Beach

That's all for now.
Rat race runner has to rest for a productive tomorrow at work!
You have my word, I will be back...

Coming up next:
Vietnam Trip / Dr. Morita Event & Mask Review

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

My Basic Tips to Stay Fit | Jonlivia

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Many of my knowings tend to ask me, how do I remain so slim from young till now?  To be very frank, I am not very disciplined when it comes to food intake (I still take carbs, gluten, lard, innards, junk food etc.)  nor I have a typically customized workout routine to follow.

However, if I must highlight my habits that possibly contribute to my fitness, then I somehow thought of the few points as follows:

1. Choose wisely on your meals choices

When it comes to having rice with dishes, I will always have a feast size or less than that of rice, a portion of meat or fish, a portion of vegetables and ideally at least a bowl of warm soup.   I think for those who want to start keeping fit, #sukusukuseparuh could be used as a great guideline to your healthy eating.
I often choose steamed, grilled, braised, stewed and soupy options over deep fried food.  As for my choice of carbs, I will opt for the less starchy option like brown rice, whole meal bread, pasta or bihun instead of the typical Chinese yellow noodles.

Most importantly, I always make it a habit to avoid considering or eating fast food as main meals unless unforeseen circumstances arise. I think the illustration above already gave you guys a clearer picture of what you eat becomes you.  To be like the right illustration or left illustration, the choice is in your hands!

Never skip meals especially breakfast!   No matter how busy you are, try your best to eat at a specific period of time.  For instance, 8am - 10am must have breakfast, 12pm - 2pm is lunch hour and 6pm - 8pm is dinner time.  Yes, those are the timing I stick to! 

No matter what I eat, once I am done enjoying my meal, I will definitely wash my palate with a mug full of plain water aka H20 (not coffee or any other flavored drink ya!).  Whenever I am at a fast-food joint or cinema, I rarely order any sugary or carbonated drinks and always swap it with mineral water only.

2. Exercise, do sports or simply staying active
If I say I exercise daily, then I shall win the world biggest liar award.  However, I do breeze walk and jog once in the blue moon.
Sometimes trying to inculcate an active routine is not an easy task alone at the start, perhaps you could try to form an active group to keep each other pump up?
Shoutout to Jonlivia's Women LED Compression Pants which I have been wearing a lot lately.  Just last Sunday, I wore it for a jog at the park.  Often times my legs would have cramped if I did not do any warm ups or stretching prior to jogging.  With Jonlivia's Women LED Compression Pants, my muscles are less prone to cramps even if I sometimes skipped proper warm up.
To cut long story short, here is a little close-up, their compression pants has an added feature of reflective stripes which made it perfectly noticeable during night runs.  To add on, they also have mesh material that makes it look more fashionable and less generic!  I must say I really adore how it elongates my legs and made them look slimmer.  That is only a part of the reason for me to love this multi-purpose pants!  Continue reading as I have a lot more to say. :P

Back to my staying active topic.  Currently, I am still sticking to the one week at least one-day of dodgeball session till to-date.  It will be two hours of intensive workout for that.
For the past three weeks sessions, I have been wearing this compression and it really helps at reducing hamstring injury due to its ability to keep warm, apply pressure to muscles and improves blood circulation.

Unlike wearing shorts, there is a possibility of revealing unappealing skin or undies, this compression is lower body-hugging which made it great to be worn for Yoga, Aerobics, Stretches, Gym etc.   
Being ultra-elastic is another plus point for Jonlivia's LED Compression Pants!
 By now, you might be wondering where to get them?  Click HERE!
Check them out, they are having a sale for it now!
Hint: Original Pricing: RM119, NOW: Less than RM100

3. 少量多餐 Eat many meals but in small portions 
Usually, I will eat till I am 80% full and stop. The gap time between my meals are normally 2 - 3 hours and I will again look for some food to munch on.  During the day I rarely limit my food intake but when it comes to after 8pm I tend to avoid eating carbs or too heavy food.  For cheat days when I happen to end up at Mamak stalls, I will break my fast by ordering soup or milk only.  

24 hours per day and the maximum meals I have had in a day could be up to 6 meals but minimum 3 meals per day is a must!

4. Daily supplement intake
As I used to quite weak in the immune system and have some health issues, supplements play a huge role in my daily life!  

I was mainly taking supplements to regulate my hormones which is the root cause of my acne problems and irregular menses cycle.  Coincidently I was introduced to this product called AXXA SO PLUS by a friend and it happens to work so amazingly that I am only consuming one sachet of product per day instead of 123456789999 products now.  So much hassle saved!

Plus one of its natural ingredient - Black Raspberry Seed Oil is actually effective in burning fats!  So I guess that somehow helps me to remain slender. 
That's basically some of my tips, do share with me yours as well!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Healthy and Delicious Dishes with US Potatoes

Do you guys know that United States is one of the world's major potato-producing countries?

Favourable soil, ideal growing conditions, plentiful water and an industry committed to advance research and technology allowed U.S. Potatoes to produce more than 20 million metric tons annually.  Thus, making U.S. potato growers so world-renowned. 
Aside from the typical whole fresh potatoes we usually see in wet market, U.S. potatoes has 3 categories:
1. U.S. Fresh Potatoes
2. U.S. Frozen Potatoes
Many options such as wedges, shreds, hash browns, tots to curly, crinkle and lattice cut fries could be easily found if you take a trip down the frozen food section of any grocery store.
3. U.S. Dehydrated Potatoes

Types of U.S. Potatoes and their recommended uses:

1. Russet Potatoes has floury, dry, light and fluffy texture with mild, earthy flavor and medium sugar content. 
Recommended uses: Baking, frying and mashed, oven toasted

2. Yellow Potatoes has slightly waxy, velvety, moist texture, subtly sweet, rich and buttery flavor and a medium sugar content.
Recommended uses: Grilling and simmer.

3. Red Potatoes has waxy, moist, smooth and creamy texture.  Subtly sweet in flavor and boast a medium sugar content.
Recommended uses: Roast, stew, mashed and added into soups.

4. White Potatoes are medium-starched potatoes with a slightly creamy, dense texture, thin and delicate skin.  Subtly sweet  and mild flavour wtih low sugar content.
Recommended uses: Grilling, frying, salads, toss cooked.

5. Purple Blue Potatoes' flesh is moist and firm with earthy and nutty flavors.  Low in sugar content as well.  
Recommended uses: Salads, microwave, steam and baking.

6. Fingerling Potatoes have a firm, waxy texture and have buttery, nutty and earthy flavour with medium sugar content. 
Recommended uses: Pan-frying, roasting and oven roast. 

7. Petite Potatoes 
Recommended uses: Roast

During the event day, we were lucky to have International Award Winning Chef, Audee Cheah to stir up some amazing dishes featuring the use of U.S. Potatoes.

U.S. Potato and Prawn Kerabu

Chilli Flavoured US Potato Wedges in Lettuce Cups
Made using U.S. Waffle Fries 

Curry Chicken Stuffed U.S. Potatoes
Made using U.S.Russet Potatoes 

Kimchi Seaweed U.S Lattice Cut Fries
                                                   Made using US Waffle Fries

Sauteed Cubed U.S. Russet Potatoes with Caramalised Onions topped 
with Sunny Side Up
Comment below if you want me to share my homecooked #breakfast #brunch recipe.  

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